I have always loved entertaining the audience since performing musical shows for neighbours and family when I was a child.

After having worked for few years in digital marketing, I decided to start a new adventure and devote all my time and my heart to writing compelling content and coming up with innovative ideas to promote businesses. This happened because I realised that, in the words of Margaret Laurence “When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.” And to this profound statement I feel strongly.

There is no greater satisfaction for me than getting people hooked to your content and creating a sense of excitement and buzz around brands.

So, here I am, providing my copywriting services for English and Italian clients alike.
At the same time, I teach Italian as I really love teaching and help people to learn a new language, I have some Italian Classes set up in Southampton and I teach one to one too.
I can certainly say that I am proud of my students and teaching makes my life better.

Do you need any help? Contact me for a chat.