Copywriting Services

Let’s begin the show. We offer all types of copywriting services from creating captivating webpages to promotional copies, anything that will engage your audience and drive the sales.

List of Copywriting services

  • Websites: creating beautiful content with your pages with handpicked words that make you click through, improving the SEO, on site optimisation.
  • Blogs: writing intriguing blog posts to connect with existing customers as well as writing new prospects
  • Emails & Newsletters: visualising the right way and time to communicate with your audience within an email marketing strategy
  • Social Media: producing posts that increase the marketing reach and shares
  • Marketing: helping with promotional brochures, catalogues and any printed marketing pieces
  • Translations: I can take care of  your multi-language marketing, I am able to translate your copies from English into Italian (& viceversa) and make sure the correct and literal meaning is translated too.

Ultimately, you need a content strategy to keep your message to be consistent along your channels and give a unique voice to your brand – I can help with that too!

Prices: competitive copywriting services

Prices vary according to the specific service requested. However, I pride myself on being honest and trustworthy. Rates start from £15 per hour. Perhaps one of the best rates you can find in Britain.

Contact me to discuss your quote.